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When your mind feels scattered because of all the thoughts and tasks flying around, sometimes you need to sit down and complete a brain dump. Brain dumping allows you get all your thoughts down into a more useful state. Once you can see all these tasks in one place, you can then break these tasks down or categorize them so you can prioritize your energy and start getting your tasks done. Say goodbye to decision paralysis!


Weekly Priority Planner includes month tabs and links for use in PDF editors such as Goodnotes and priority planning templates. Templates give you category suggestions to help you sort based on what you need that week. Each page has a "Brain Dump" section that will help you get everything out of your mind and then you can organize it the way you need to help you get your tasks complete. 


I suggest using this tool in conjunction with a weekly planner so you can start scheduling your tasks with a side by side view. Click here for the matching weekly planner. 

Weekly Priority Planner

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